söndag 7 december 2014

Jan Nevelius video clip.

Jan Nevelius shows the variation of kokyonage, where compliance is trained on the uke and tori.

Aikido picture

Sunday at December camp 2014

Some more picture's from our December camp, in some of the picture's the action is in the background of Anders and Björn. I would like to thank all participants, for coming and participating in our annual December camp. And I hope you will come next year as well, you will have as much fun next year, thanks to Janne, Jorma and Stefan for good and entertaining keiko. Congratulations to all the dan grades kudos.

lördag 6 december 2014

Saturday at December Camp 2014

Some more pictures from our camp in December, with Janne Jorma och Stefan Enighet. Another fun day at Enighet, and I got the photographer also.

I wonder who imitates whom.